Björn Emil Fritzén

Caisa Lindblom

Art Director & Sales Assistant

Web Designer & Developer

The experience that Caisa Lindblom has gained during her career has made her into the customer-oriented person that she is. Her preference is to work closely with the client to receive the perfect results in the shortest of times. She is thorough in her work and loves to solve complex problems. Each project that Caisa has worked on has turned out to reveal new nuances in the brands that she touches. We could easily say that she makes the project thrive from the new ideas and results that she has been able to provide.

Björn Emil Fritzén has worked several years as a lighting and electrical automation technician, and later on as project lighting planner and salesman. Björn holds a vocational qualification in electrical engineering and automation. He has also studied design at the Turku University of Applied Sciences. Björn had learned to master a broad range of digital tools during the time as an industrial designer, which led to him founding the digital design agency that Magni & Modi is today. He has a great passion for designing websites that calls to action and directly convert the traffic into highly valuable leads for the business in question. Björn enjoys working with emerging brands that he gets to help grow and expand online and thus build long-lasting relationships that bring value to both parties. Björn enjoys his summers in the Finnish archipelago at the helm of his wooden boat Ann Mari, and during the winter, he prefers to hit the slopes with his slalom skis.

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